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Compassionate Care
 for the Dying
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End Of Life Care International
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    End of Life Care
    has been created to: 
What We Do

  • Address the urgent need to provide health care and support for those at the end of life and for people suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses

  • ​Provide support for families and loved ones of those who are at the end of life  

  • Educate the public about end of life care

Himalayan Foothills & River Ganga
End of Life Care International is a non-profit, charitable organization whose main focus is to raise funds, research hospices and distribute grants.  

ELCI's first international hospice support projects are in India. Though 
Ganga Prem Hospice is our primary project, we support other effective hospices as well. 

Every human being should have the right to die with dignity and with as little distress as possible. In India, however, this is not yet possible for a very large number of cancer patients, because supportive care is totally unavailable for many people who are terminally ill and in the last stages of their lives.

The concept of hospice care is well established in the West but in India, where end of life care is so desperately needed, it is almost unheard of.  
Bringing hospice support to India will provide hospice care to terminally ill patients through personal and caring services to both patients and their loved ones. Hospice support provides information, medicines, comfort and basic care at a critical time, both through in-patient facilities and also through home care programs. 

Most importantly, this support offers the possibility of a dignified death with the minimum possible distress.
End of Life Care